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Проектно-исследовательская деятельность руководителя в управлении образовательным учреждением [18]
Проектно-исследовательская деятельность педагога в обучении и воспитании учащихся [66]
Проектно-исследовательская деятельность учащихся [3]

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Главная » Файлы » Проектно-исслед. деятельность в образовании » Проектно-исследовательская деятельность педагога в обучении и воспитании учащихся

Проектная экологическая групповая работа в школе
[ ] 25.11.2009, 09:15
Demi Papadimitriou
Teacher of 5th Lykeio of Volos Greece
Деми Пападимитриоу,
учитель школы №5 г.Волос, Греция.

In the beginning or every school year I have a first contact with the students who come for the first time to our school. In every classroom, I inform them about all the environmental programmes / activities taking place in our school. Some students are already motivated from their previous school but some  others know northing.
After that, I choose a certain day and time for our gatheings. Unfortunately these gatherings have to be after the end of the school day since the ever day schedule in  my country doesn’t allow us to have them during school  hours. In additon to that, students in Greece many times/very orten have to take some  extra lessons after school that will help them qualify for the exams for university studies. This makes it even more difficult to find a certain day and time to do the gatherings.
In our first gathering, I recommend to the students several projects having to do with the envronment and after some discussion we pick one together. This will be the subject we are going to work on for the rest of the year.
Followingly in our second gathering the students form teams/groups and each team/group chooses with what specific matter is going to work. This means that the main subject is/gets divided into other smaller subjects. Moreover, there is a student from each team/group responsible for the synchronisation between/among the other teams/groups and of course for keeping me updated since I’ m the leader of all teams.
During approximately two months each team/group gives information about what they have chosen.
These information can be from various sources such as the Internet, research in public libraires, interviews on experts. They often create questionnaires that hand them out to their classmates or other peers (people of the same age) and ask them to answer me.
The whole team/group meets twice a month and each group/team updates the other about the progress made.
Then, two students from each group create a repport with all the information collected while some others take relevant pictures.
All this point, another group formed by one or two students from all the groups/teams writes the general outcome from all groups to create a power point presentation.
This presentation consists of small texts, pictures, diagrams and more such as the conclusions made from all the effort of the year. Most of the times there are some students that make some sketches and/or drawings and add them to the presentaion as well.
On the last week of school, before the start of the summer exams the presentaion is done in front of all the students and teachers. After that the audience can made questions about the subject. At the same time there is an exhibit of drawings and photographs that are viewable by all of the students and teachers.
With this event all the efforts of our school environmental group end.
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